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Raindrops :iconthe-forgotten-one-4:the-forgotten-one-4 2 15
Mature content
My Lady: Chapter One :iconthe-forgotten-one-4:the-forgotten-one-4 2 14
A Scarlet Rose
For my readers who knew nothing of me, yet welcomed me into their hearts,
And for her, the one who opened mine.
Chapter One
I picked up the quill from it's final resting spot as I finished the dedication. The soft touch of feathers upon my chin stirred me from my usual trance. I could see the ink seeping into the tanned page, my thoughts coming to terms with their new home.
The words sunk into the paper like my tired eyes setting into aged sockets. I leaned back in my chair, making the ground groan against its worn, wooden feet. The room was silent.
I could never catch the time in that room. Perhaps it was because in there existed multiple times, people, and worlds. I need not hear the reminiscent click of the second hand, for it was off beat to the pace of mine own thoughts.
My sanctuary was without windows. I suppose there was no space on the walls after I lined every surface with books. There was a thesaurus here and a dictionary there, but my library consisted mostly of poetry coll
:iconthe-forgotten-one-4:the-forgotten-one-4 2 14
Mature content
My Lady: Opening :iconthe-forgotten-one-4:the-forgotten-one-4 0 7
Anything but Bad pt. 1
The skid of boots along the floor accompanied by the occasional drip of blood was far from settling. The boy in the mask trudged forward, barely making each stair as he came across it.
“That damn brat put up one hell of a fight,” he groaned.
With a little laugh, he pressed forward, knowing exactly where his prey was hiding. Heavy breaths escaped his mouth as he reached the top of the stairwell. Greeting him was an enormous, comically magical door adorned with stars and moons. Gratefully, he collapsed against it.
Removing his mask was harder than he expected. His body was sore and slowly disintegrating, and blood now caked eighteen percent of his being. He contemplated returning his mask to his face.
He thought aloud, “if that kid saw me like this...” but the pain and blood loss rendered his usual cover suffocating. He decided against it.
Grabbing a hold of the door's knob, he pulled himself to his haggard feet. He could hear voices inside. The words were muted,
:iconthe-forgotten-one-4:the-forgotten-one-4 3 0
The Many Faces of Marshall Lee by the-forgotten-one-4 The Many Faces of Marshall Lee :iconthe-forgotten-one-4:the-forgotten-one-4 5 0
Kioni-Earth: XII
It had been weeks since I had heard from Civil or Aviary. That was okay, though. Percy spent every day with me, even if it meant getting high from the fumes of Alexis and Val's shop. He found my culture interesting, and to be honest I enjoyed talking to him. His eyes glimmered whenever I spoke of my home and my family, and I nearly cried from the sympathy he gave when he heard of my sisters.
I loved him. There was no other way to put it. I still do love him, although…things are a little difficult at the time…
Anyway, things really started getting heated about three weeks after Civil left. I woke up that morning and wandered into the shop, only to find Percy gone. Not only that, but the smoke had cleared and Father sat at the small table in the center of the store.
If I had half the gall as my sister, Rita, I would have charged up to the table, grabbed Father's shoulders, and shook him hard, demanding he tell me where Percy was. If I had an ounce of the brains my eldest sister
:iconthe-forgotten-one-4:the-forgotten-one-4 3 2
Mature content
Dalkon Short :iconthe-forgotten-one-4:the-forgotten-one-4 2 8
Part VII: Chapter 15-Gackt
My entire form tensed. Was this some kind of cruel joke? I took a moment to replay everything in my mind. This man who called himself Sin not only claimed himself as my father, but was emitting a stronger aura than the king himself.
My head began to pound. By the looks of everyone else present, I wasn't the only one suffering. Even Nameth had his hands over his ears.
Roman cried out, enhancing my headache. "Tha…that bastard's your father?" he wailed.
Sin strode swiftly and silently into the center of the room, his polished shoes pointing directly at the king. He removed his top hat, revealing a mane of dark curls.
Alabaster's eyes changed from blue, to red, to gray. His jaw tightened as the dark man bowed curtly.
"To what do I owe this honor, Sin?" the king asked, his voice low.
Lycan tugged at my sleeve. "It isn't safe to be here. The pressure of the room is rising," he warned.
Sonia lifted Marionette and rushed her out of the room. Lucien and Nameth quickly followed, but I stood
:iconthe-forgotten-one-4:the-forgotten-one-4 2 0
Mature content
Aviary/Ambiance-XI :iconthe-forgotten-one-4:the-forgotten-one-4 1 0
Thumbnail, I choose you! by the-forgotten-one-4 Thumbnail, I choose you! :iconthe-forgotten-one-4:the-forgotten-one-4 6 28 Making a Rage Comic by the-forgotten-one-4 Making a Rage Comic :iconthe-forgotten-one-4:the-forgotten-one-4 17 76
Nicolette was beginning to bother me. She claimed she only wanted what was best for me, but it seemed she only wanted what was easier for her to handle. That meant dragging me back to the Underworld.
Grayson, my mother's protective gargoyle, and Grandfather himself greeted me. He sat on the stairway leading up to my palace, feeding Grayson something bloody. Once Grandfather turned to me I noticed something that looked like a hand slide down the gargoyle's throat.
Grandfather's eyes were vicious and burned with the intensity of the fires around him. He smiled and I felt my heart stop. Whatever was coming I feared greatly.
"Surely you have heard of the Barron of Beasts, King Alabaster," his voice was calm and reasoned.
I nodded slowly. I wanted to run, but Nicolette had my arm. I cursed her and Grandfather raised a curious eyebrow. Frowning, I pulled away from her and turned to the man before me.
"I have," I said coldly.
"He has been calling for you."
My jaw nearly dropped. Alabaster is
:iconthe-forgotten-one-4:the-forgotten-one-4 3 4
I would have been smiling and swooning over Aviary's lost love if it weren't for the sudden absence that clouded my emotions. I kept reaching to my side, waiting for the empty slot to be filled. Beside me, Civil was fuming. A scary, dark aura was radiating from the princess. It felt as if the Underworld was about to rise from beneath us.
So Aviary was gone. I know I shouldn't have cared. She's arrogant and rude and mean. Not to mention she smells like unmentionable deeds. I don't know why humans were drawn to that stench. I guess…any being not human recognized the scent as the perfume of a cubus, but humans only smelled the intoxicating musk of deception.
Civil clenched her teeth and glared at her feet. I put my hand on her shoulder.
"They're cubi; that's out of our control. I wouldn't worry about it too much," I assured her.
"It's not that simple," the princess muttered. "People should be able to follow their dreams, no matter what species they are. I never lived in a time where
:iconthe-forgotten-one-4:the-forgotten-one-4 2 2
Aviary/Earth: VIII
I kept seeing the family in the back of my mind. Hal was holding the woman's hand. They were laughing as their daughter pranced around their feet.
The girls had gone to bed. I sat on the couch with my arms around my knees, hating humans, hating that woman, and hating myself.
Why hadn't I told him? I wondered. Would he have stayed?
I wouldn't allow myself to cry. My eyes stung and my throat seized, but I was not about to allow Dalkon to see tears. He could sense it though. He turned off the TV and faced me.
His eyes were cold and serious. "Aviary, stop it. Get that kid out of your mind right now."
I rolled my eyes. "He's not a kid. He's a man."
"Probably a married one," he retorted. "You're better than this, puella. You shouldn't be giving in to emotions as weak as love."
"But that's what you did, isn't it?" I snapped. "What about Ezra, Dalkon? Didn't he leave you out of fear that his heart will explode? You tried to mask your emotions for him by cheating, but that only made you want hi
:iconthe-forgotten-one-4:the-forgotten-one-4 2 10
Civil/Earth: VII
I wanted to go after Aviary, really I did. I ran to the doorway and hung on the frame, calling out to her, but she was gone by the time I got outside. Kioni lingered behind me, a triumphant smirk on her face.
It wasn't until then I realized how little I knew about the other evils. I knew imps like Kioni are earthly evils, and are controlled by King Alabaster. Cubi are a strange case. Although they live in the realm of demons, they are in a dimension of their own. Still, I think my grandfather has some reign over them. The feuding between Kioni and Aviary's families was just another example on how fragile the alliance of evils truly was.
In a way, I wanted to end the tensions between earthly evils and the Underworld. If I could, I would bring all of the Divine Spirits together. We were one once. If only there was something I could do to make that happen again.
The imps were talking among themselves when I came back into the shop. Kioni smiled, but she seemed sour after her argument with
:iconthe-forgotten-one-4:the-forgotten-one-4 2 12

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GAH Meme 1
This is going here because I'm sure everyone in my main account are sick of GAH stuff coming up in there inboxes.  Expecially since all my GAH stuff is on this account.
1. Put seven of your favorite OC's here
2. Don't look at teh questions, you cheetahs! D8<
3. Answer mah questions! >B3
Usual Order:
1 – Hitake
2 – Shizu
3 – Maro
4 – Yuki
5 – Kaoru
6 – Jun
7 – Keko
1. Imagine 2, 3, and 5 are at a movie. What would 5 do if the movie sucked?
Maro: So, did you like the movie?
Kaoru: ......
Shizu: She's probably too scarred from the sex scenes.  
Maro: What's wrong with sex scenes?  That's what made the movie awesome!
Shizu: What is it with you earthling guys and your sexual cravings...
2. Imagine 3, 7, 1 are at 4's wedding. What would 7 shout out?
Keko: Way to go, Nii-sama!
Hitake: Who'd ever thought Y
:iconthenekohufflepuff:TheNekoHufflepuff 2 21
The Other's Side
I sighed.  Where was Gage when you needed him? Oh right. Fucking some girl.  I absentmindedly wandered through the halls of the old dorms.  I was sure everyone was already in class, but I felt like I was being followed.  When I looked behind me, sure enough Gage leaned on a wall.  I sighed and walked over to him.  He didn't seem particularly happy to see me roaming the halls.
"What are you doing?" He growled.
"Wandering the halls, what else?" I smiled back at him.
"Don't smile like such an idiot, it's annoying."  Yeah, he was defiantly not in a good mood.
"Gage... don't be so mean to me..." I looked the other way, "You're so two-faced sometimes, you know that?"
Gage rolled his eyes and hugged me, "I'm sorry... I had a bad night... I promise not to take it out on you any more..."
I hugged him back.  He mustn't have been able to get much energy. Gage was always irritable and unpleasant after what he cal
:iconorganization20:Organization20 3 7
L Tile by MusicallyObSeSsEd L Tile :iconmusicallyobsessed:MusicallyObSeSsEd 5 15 Halloween by MusicallyObSeSsEd Halloween :iconmusicallyobsessed:MusicallyObSeSsEd 3 7 CheshireD Aiden by Organization20 CheshireD Aiden :iconorganization20:Organization20 1 45 Icon for the-forgotten-one-4 by neeko-ninjan Icon for the-forgotten-one-4 :iconneeko-ninjan:neeko-ninjan 2 14 Cain by theReaper-dA Cain :iconthereaper-da:theReaper-dA 57 23


I'm making a new account! Fresh start, fresh face, fresh new me! I will link you the account as soon as I make it. I have a few new writings to post and am in the process of getting heavy into cosplay! I can't wait to create and share with everyone again, so if you haven't given up on me, give me a shout at my new account! (when I post it, of course)

Edit: My new deviantart is here:
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